We have been with Micro Focus since our inception in 1997. From a traditional organisation, based out of United Kingdom, today Micro Focus stands among the top 10 pure software organisations in the world. Using both organic growth and mergers & acquisitions, the first initiative involves acquiring and keeping technologies among many COBOL vendors (such as RM/COBOL, AcuCOBOL, ISCOBOL).

Micro Focus also went through a 3 company merger involving Micro Focus, Data Direct  Technologies & Intersolv Inc, with the new entity named as Merant Inc.

The 2nd wave of acquisitions includes Borland, Compuware Quality Solutions’ business unit, Attachmate, Novell, NetIQ, SUSE (now sold), and Serena Software.

With the last acquisition of HPE Software business segment in 2017, Micro Focus has grown many folds and remains a profitable company. Software Dynamics is proud to be in association with Micro Focus until today.

12 + 26 = 7: The Micro Focus Merger

 OHM Editor 09/10/2017

Merger with HPE Software division forms the world’s 7th largest enterprise software company


The IBM Corporation is today one of the world’s largest and leading IT companies.

Worldwide, IBM operates in some 170 countries and employs more than 390,000 people. In Malaysia, IBM was first established in June 1961 and since then, has played a major role in delivering solutions to all types of Malaysian businesses.

We partner with IBM, on modernising legacy platforms to Unix / Linux platforms. The core components running on IBM Mainframes, such as database, logic, and middleware are preserved using IBM software products on Unix / Linux. The User Interface (UI) and database access method are modernised to allow browser-based interface, and data reporting and mining capabilities.

This solution approach has proven to be the most cost effective, minimum risk, and enhance the operational efficiencies of our customers’ mission critical business.

This solution approach is also meant for other vendors’ Mainframes (HP Non-Stop, NEC, Fujitsu, ICL, DEC).

Our latest initiative with IBM involves Business Process Management & Automation.



HPE with its strengths in offering robust and highly scalable computing platforms (including cloud solutions) fits into our strategy to provide choices of infra-structure to our customers.

HPE GreenLake (Central Cloud Management) – delivering the modern cloud experience everywhere, by centralising and monitoring cloud estates (regardless of vendors cloud offerings), plus any on-premises / co-location environments.

It encompasses container management, data protection, high performance computing (HPC), machine learning operations (MLOps), networking SAP HANA, storage, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and virtual machines (VM).

HPE Ezmeral Container Platform – A Container Platform that provides the flexibility to deploy and manage containerized applications at scale on any infrastructure – in enterprise data centers, colocation facilities, multiple public clouds and at the edge.

Choose to run cloud-native or non-cloud-native applications in containers without costly refactoring, manage multiple Kubernetes clusters with a unified control plane, and leverage a high-performance distributed file system for persistent data and statefull applications through HPE’s proven innovations such as HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric and the KubeDirector open source project.

HPE Ezmeral Container Platform + HPE GreenLake gives our clients the lowest cost, and lowest risk on cloud and container adoption.



The RPA company that offers discovery, digitization, automation and business processes analytics with one integrated platform.

By empowering your organizations with software bots, more often than not, intelligent process automation are 3x faster and at only 1/5 of the cost, compared to what is current at your organization.

Work can now be more human, focus on doing less mundane work, and allow your workforce to focus on customer service, creativity and innovation.


SDM begins the adaptation of Red Hat technologies beyond Linux and Virtualization. We are 100% committed to moving JBOSS EAP as the middleware engine of resilient growth.



Oracle Adaptive Access Manager helps organizations prevent fraud and misuse by strengthening existing authentication flows, evaluating the risk of events as they happen and providing risk-based interdiction mechanisms such as multi-factor out-of-band authentication.


Since 1978, IRI has specialized in high-performance data processing technology, which we leverage in industry-leading tools like CoSort and FieldShield.

We also combine and expand on them in Voracity, the end-to-end data management platform built on Eclipse, so you can marshall your data without the cost or complexity of multiple tools..

total data management data integration data governance big data BI & Analytics

Stonebranch builds IT orchestration and automation solutions that transform business IT environments from simple IT task automation into sophisticated, real-time business service automation, helping organizations to seamlessly orchestrate workloads and data across technology ecosystems and silos.

No matter the degree of automation, the Stonebranch
Universal Automation Center
platform is simple, modern, and secure.

Real-Time IT Automation and Orchestration Solutions – For Whatever Comes Next

SaaS-based Workload Autoation Big Data Pipeline Orchestration Cloud Service Automation devops automation

SmartTeleport for paperless process environment is optimal Electronic Document solution to dramatically improve business process in offices and mobile environment. It’s provides integrated solution with e-Form management, e-Document management, authenticity and integrity management, e-Document security, Personal information protection, e-Signature, etc.. to apply paperless solution to business.


Moji5, offers low code, rapid application development & deployment for both on-premise and on-cloud models. The latest version named Moji5, can now support full mobile and web UI, regardless of browsers or phone models.


Inflow® by Archon Systems,

Every company has inventory problems. Stock is misplaced, people forget to reorder, back orders start to pile up, and only two people at the company actually understand the giant spreadsheet. 

inFlow is a rel-time inventory software that’s user-friendly and scalable to meet your growing needs.

Pick, receive, or adjust stock from any device –including your smartphone. Generate barcode labels in a few clicks and then scan products right onto orders. And use inFlow’s integrations to monitor all of your online sales in one place.

Ready to take control of your inventory?


Cloud Migration

Application Modernization ~ Refactor

Automated Migration & Testing



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