Charity To IQ70Plus

On 02-Mar-2016, SDMers took time off during lunch time to deliver daily food supplies to IQ70PLUS as part of our Social Corporate Responsibility initiatives.

IQ70PLUS is a home dedicated to the care of children who are physically challenged. We were informed that there are 40 residents there.

Why the special name of IQ70PLUS? On reading their website, we learnt that due to bone degeneration illness (mostly from birth), patients have low IQ70PLUS and slowness in learning daily activities.

Mild, Moderate & Severe.

We take this opportunity for readers of this edition of Bull Charge to take notice of this needy home.

The home is located at 118 Jalan Gasing is clean and shaddy. The official name is Persatuan kanak kanak terenchat malaysia.

There are 5 caretakers who are taking care of the residents. We would love to visit the centre again and strive to explore which other ways we can help apart from donations.