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If your business applications are running on Mainframes, do not be alarmed. Today, Wintel-based servers (term used to refer to servers capable of running Windows®, UNIX and Linux Operating Systems) are capable of running those applications. By removing the big iron, you will definitely save lots of operating cost. But what about the risk and the near 24x7x365 high availability needed? We have the end-to-end technical knowledge to re-host your mainframe applications to Wintel servers. Modernisation of User Interface (UI) can be fulfilled either using Visual Studio or Java. Data can be preserved as VSAM Indexed files or migrated to Relational Databases. A typical re-hosting project takes about 12 months. This timeframe can be further reduced with automated functional testing and regression testing, using agile development methodologies.

Automated Testing & Management

Manual Testing ? Why not ? After all, the human mind is the creator of many scientific and artistic things in this world. However, as we know, the pace of technology is moving so rapidly, such that business have to harness technology to gain that crucial competitive edge. Imagine if you are in the Telco, Banking, Insurance, new codes or enhancement codes must be deployed with good quality and tested performance. This is why Test Automation is akin to quality assurance for your application.
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