DevOps-In-A-Box: It’s a set of preconfigured DevOps software, which built on Platform-As-A-Services and Infrastructure-As-A-Services environment.

From The President’s Desk

Since our company incorporation in 1997, today, I am feeling the reality of how time flies deeply in me. Have I capitalized on every single second? I felt a sense of luck as I piloted through these 20 years with the support of my beloved team.

Moving forward, I yearned to be young again, to pursue our vision and mission together with you, towards achieving our goals in 2020.

As technologies move as fast as time, we can’t afford to falter. In this digitalisation era, we need to embrace and adopt quickly, i.e. like a chamelion. Techwords like ‘DevOps’, ‘DevOpsSec’ plus their permutations of ‘Dev/Ops/Sec’, ‘Fintech’, ‘Blockchain’, ‘Containers’, ‘Microservices’, ‘Hyper Converge Infra’ have to be articulated fluently to our customers and prospects.

We had completed 3 quarters with vigour and good teamwork. I reminisce the great events such as the amazing SDM White Water Rafting Team Building, MicroFocus Discover-The-New with SDM’s Customers, CNY Loh Sang Dinner, DevOps-In-A-Box Release, Gold Partnership Engagement with SangFor, Gold Partnership with Oracle and etc.

Personally, I must highlight the one that impressed me the most, which was the SDM FY18 Kick-off Meeting held in November 2017 @ Tropicana Golf Resort. It was a proud moment when our Round Table members presented their goals and tasks ahead. They had demonstrated high leadership qualities and dedication to make each and every SDMer, young or matured, understand the attitude and dynamism as a true SDMer.

That was also an inaugural official internal session for the newly on-board General Manager, Frank Lee, who is a MBA holder with 20 years of wealthy experiences in the IT industry. I am absolutely sure that he will bring SDM to greater heights through his dynamism & enthusiasm.

We truly believed that our mission is your success, both in life or at work, but each and every SDMers must stay relevant. Although we are a true die-hard Cobol believer, in the past one year, we have lowered down our shield and started to evaluate the persona non grata of technologies. Through our researches and interviews, we have identified hot topics for 2018, such as Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, Privacy and Data protection (a.k.a GDPR), Robots, Culture, Automation, KYC, Diversity and etc.

Even though emerging technologies had moved our lives and businesses faster every year, SDM has continuously standing-firm and live with our dedication on customer’s success by providing legacy solution, concurrently, we have had spent countless time and efforts in developing and stabilising new cutting edge technologies for our customers to be aligned with digitalisation requirements. Today, we are proudly to share our releases on below:

  1. DevOps-In-A-Box: It’s a set of preconfigured DevOps software, which built on Platform-As-A-Services and Infrastructure-As-A-Services environment. It’s provide you a one-stop quick win over your headache but desired DevOps demand. Preparing your environment to serve Microservices + APIs and Hybrid Cloud Management.
  2. Robotic Process Automation: It’s a software with services that emulates human execution of repetitive work. It’s built on technologies designed to orchestrate, execute and enhance business workflows.

In closing, I shall continue to welcome the challenges with big heart and will provide seamless support to our valuable customers, as well as my number two asset, which is all SDMers.

May you be the force !


KK Ling,
Founder / President.