DevOps-In-A-Box built on Platform-As-A-Services and Infrastructure-As-A-Services environment to provide desired DevOps demand.

A Word From Our General Manager

As the euphoria of events in the past months settle in, we continue our quest to seek significant improvements within and beyond SDM.

We welcome many new SDMers, both experienced hires as well as fresh graduates to join our family like organization. May you bring along passions and work-play along fellow seniors, not in terms of age, but in terms of respect for each other.

Our incentive to existing SDMers to help recruit and receive a referral fee is getting more popular. I am still looking at more initiatives, such as short forums on non-working days, gotong-royong to clear office for better work environment, introduce more ‘de-stress’ ideas.

As we corner around our last quarter and prepare for a new fiscal year in Aug/Sep 2018, we have initiated a Leadership Programme for all SDMers. Imminent soft skills such as sharpening our Attitude, Performance and Mindset will be the goal of this programme. From APAC Consultancy SDn Bhd, a proven company with PEAKS™ certification trainers, this program will span across 12 months.

Updates on our Development Initiatives:

  1. DevOps-In-A-Box: It’s a set of preconfigured DevOps software, which built on Platform-As-A-Services and Infrastructure-As-A-Services environment. It’s provide you a one-stop quick win over your headache but desired DevOps demand. Preparing your environment to serve Microservices + APIs and Hybrid Cloud Management.
  2. Robotic Process Automation: It’s a software with services that emulates human execution of repetitive work. It’s built on technologies designed to orchestrate, execute and enhance business workflows.

In closing, I shall continue to welcome the challenges with big heart and will provide seamless support to our valuable customers, as well as my number two asset, which is all SDMers.

The force continues… The Legend has started!


Frank Lee,
General Manager